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short sea shipping services


Nationally, RoRo is the second largest category of freight traffic for UK ports, measured in tonnes handled. Ferry services operating from UK ports also meet a wider range of customer requirements including passenger transport and cars. Specialised RoRo ferries provide industry specific services for example purpose-built car carriers for the import and export of trade vehicles and forestry products services which carry paper reels from the Scandinavian mills to the UK print industry.

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The growth of channel tunnel rail services and the impact of low cost airlines continue to erode market share on the conventional ferry routes but they remain essential ingredients in the UK’s transport infrastructure through the major ports on the Channel, the North Sea and the Irish Sea. It is against this background that detailed analysis of Short Sea Shipping services in the unit load market has been produced annually since 2000 by PRB Associates, a key strategic partner of UK Ports and Logistics Ltd. The annual survey is compiled as a Market Capacity Analysis to capture the developments in Short Sea LoLo and RoRo freight services by trade corridor, by port, by vessel and by shipping line. The analysis illustrates the relative sizes of the geographic market sectors and the changes in capacity over time. The full analysis with over 140 pages of tables and charts is available to purchase via the contact link below. Short Sea Shipping capacity analyses are also available for Irish ports.

UKPL offers comprehensive statistical services to analyse key trends in port traffic and in the unit load sectors through its strategic partnerships with PCLP and PRB Associates