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port centric logistics
What does Port Centric Logistics (PCL) offer to ports, port users and the wider community?

PCL is an investment strategy and supply chain management practice for internationally traded goods including finished products, bulks, part-processed materials and components for assembly. PCL policies help to reduce overall distribution costs and improve margins for its users.

PCL can be applied to inbound and outbound logistics using facilities located inside or adjacent to sea/air port hubs and at port connected rail depots. World class PCL operations add value and supply chain reliability for shippers, their logistics service providers and the wider community by using a lower carbon solution for transport of freight.

Port Centric Logistics has become a central theme for business development in
many markets.

Port of Liverpool

For Public Private Partnerships with economic development objectives, Port Centric Logistics strategies deliver jobs in port communities where, traditionally, income levels have been below the national average. Capturing value for the entire region at a port requires clear propositions which can benefit a wide range of stakeholders, including a well-planned spatial strategy to deliver the benefits.

Reducing road miles in freight transport across the complete supply chain, especially ‘empty running’ for restitution of containers, is an integral component of PCL that also results in lower costs and lower carbon emissions. In 2015 over 40% of laden containers handled through UK ports, and carried on the UK transport infrastructure, were returned as empty boxes into the global carrier networks.

port centric logistics conferences

The concepts of distri-parks and port centric logistics operations are well advanced in Europe, and expanding in North America, driven by market demand for added value services in areas co-located to ports, increased supply chain reliability, demonstrable environmental benefits and lower operating costs.
As markets, technologies and distribution patterns change, new opportunities emerge. Supply chain visibility and reliability remain paramount as e-commerce and multi-channel distribution secure a higher share of markets. For companies seeking to replicate their logistics models across several countries,
port centric logistics is a specific solution to support these initiatives. Please contact us for further discussion about your requirements.

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