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uk port tonnages

The UK Ports’ Barometer Services
For port management and port users, we investigate, measure and monitor changes, trends and flows in port markets through detailed and regular analyses of shipping services, traffic statistics and market intelligence.

The UK Ports’ Barometer publications
Monthly, quarterly and annual statistics with in-depth analysis include:
  • UK port traffic in tonnes and units
  • Ship and port capacity for unit loads - short sea
  • Market share trends and benchmarking by port
  • Market sizes and trends by business sector
  • International trade analysis - EU and non-EU
  • Key commodity trends
  • UK trade gateways - domestic and international
  • Key economic indicators

Our clients for these services include
  • Port owners, operators and investors
  • Shipping Lines and Terminal Operators
  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Industry specialists and professional advisers
  • Economic Development bodies

2016 Q3 uk ports' tonnage

Please contact us via email to register your interest and we will call to discuss your requirements and prepare a quotation.
We also offer specific market studies and traffic analyses on an individual assignment basis.